What is LED Factory Lighting?

LED Factory Lighting is efficient, often high-powered lighting, manufactured for factories within the industrial sector. Very often, factories are dimly lit, and new LED lighting will enhance the working space for staff, quite often generating higher production levels for owners given that a more pleasing and efficient working space is created. Birmingham has thousands of small, medium, and large factory premises and a high percentage are already seeing the benefits of upgrading to LED.

What type of factory would benefit from LED lighting?

Foundries, Food manufacturing, Chemical Factories and Paper manufacturers all benefit from LED lighting. Other manufacturers, small or large, will also benefit, such as Furniture and Clothing Factories, Textile Plants and Automotive Plants. Car body repairs and M.O.T. testing stations can also benefit from brighter LED lighting. The latter are very often small units and often require just a few LED light fittings to completely transform the staff and customer experience. CWS Birmingham have worked with several hundred Birmingham factories over the years in creating a safer and more efficient lighting experience.         

Are Factory LED’s IP rated?

Modern factory LEDs are often assembled to provide a level of Ingress Protection, such as IP65, and IP ratings in general are invaluable in dusty and damp conditions, prolonging the lifespan of light fittings within the workplace. Being at the forefront of the industrial revolution, Birmingham factories make a vast range of standard and bespoke engineered products, many creating a certain amount of dust, and this is where IP rated light fittings are particularly crucial.   

How long is the warranty on a Factory style LED light fitting?

The stringent manufacturing process of Factory type LEDs enable manufacturers to provide a fantastic 5year warranty. CWS Birmingham only work with quality lighting manufacturers who provide a 5year warranty on their LED lighting products.    

Why switch to LED?

From about 2011, Birmingham factories started switching to efficient LED lighting and now hundreds of times per day, search engines are asked “how much will an LED factory light fitting cost me to run”. Dependant on your cost per kwH the savings achieved are very attractive, normally between 50% to 80% in real terms.

Hundreds of electricians are needed to enable the switch to cost saving LED in Birmingham and older-style light fittings are disappearing. Central Government is phasing out products like incandescent lamps as well as fluorescent tubes and by September 2023, they started to slowly disappear from shelves.   

What LED lighting manufacturers do CWS Birmingham partner with?

CWS only partner LED lighting manufacturers that are affiliated to the UK recognised Lighting Industry Association, also known as the L.I.A. Branded names such as NVC, Ansell, Ovia, QVIS, and Integral L.E.D Ltd are just a few big industry names that we stock and distribute for.  

Does CWS provide complimentary lighting schemes?

In a nutshell, yes. Whether an emergency lighting overview or upgrade, or a factory that needs a quick and cost effective lighting system, we can draw up complimentary lighting designs for your scheme.

5 Advantages of LED in Industrial lighting    

A factory owner achieves dozens of advantages in switching to LED, here are just five to consider:

  • Electricity Savings of approximately 50% to 80%.
  • LEDs emit far less heat so are safer and last longer.
  • LED gives you a more directional light beam which is useful in Floodlights, ‘high rack’ areas in Factories and general factory spaces.   
  • LED gives you instant illumination, from the second you flick on the light switch.
  • LED’s work better in the cold, unlike older fluorescent tubes but always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions if using LED in below zero temperatures.  

Why are LEDs so efficient?

In the past decade we have witnessed improved efficiency in the conversion of watts into useful lumens. This means that for every single watt of electricity required for powering LED light fittings, more lumens of light are generated from a single watt of electricity.

In conclusion, factories across Birmingham that have switched to LED now reap the benefits of electricity savings, better lighting, and far less maintenance. If you would like further information, or a no obligation complimentary visit by one of our Birmingham based lighting engineers, please do not hesitate to telephone, or email CWS.  

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