LED Factory Lighting

LED factory lighting offers a more efficient and sustainable solution to lighting warehouse and factory spaces. They are used to greatly reduce energy consumption and your carbon footprint but can increase productivity and safety through improved LUX levels.

They are a cost-effective option for warehouse and factory owners, as well as facilities managers, who are looking for an alternative to the far higher electricity burning SON and HID bulbs. They are very much the go to option for business owners who want to go green.

High-bay and Low-bay LED factory lighting as well as high powered floodlights are installed within many industrial internal and external settings, such as a mechanics garage, car body repair shop or manufacturing and storage facility. A very popular IP rated round UFO LED for a factory is our NAC/V2/100/1-10V/840

Allowing consideration for your entire warehouse or factory facility, LED lighting also allows you to greatly improve light levels in car parks and loading bays using products such as asymmetrical floodlights OV102100BKCW and vapour proof IP65 5ft non-corrosive lights.

Reducing electricity consumption by up to 80%, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and lowering your electricity bills are distinct advantages, whilst at the same time you will improve security and safety with improved lighting.

For owners and facilities managers of a Care Home, Hospital, Office, Restaurant, Shopping Centre, Surgery or Sports Field, as well as Learning Facilities such as Schools and Universities, these buildings tend to be classified as commercial as opposed to industrial.

Desired low glare UGR19 working areas (we provide free lighting designs) and better security features are still achievable regardless of whether you manage a commercial or industrial building. For an office or corridor setting requiring low glare LED panels, this 5yr warranty panel offers exceptional value for money, please see our OV751301CWB which also has the added advantage of being TP(a) rated.

Moving forward with LED Lighting

Older and traditional high and low bay SON lights were previously used in factories and warehouses to provide illumination in storage and racking pallet areas. Those older style lights were expensive and terribly inefficient. LEDs on the other hand offer an alternative that are both cheap to run and environmentally friendly, LEDs are simply much more efficient than old light fixtures.
These new types of light sources require less maintenance because they do not become so hot, do not contain often troublesome electronic ballasts, and will not require a replacement light bulb. New LEDs from CWS are supplied with a healthy manufacturing warranty.

Considering installing LED factory lighting?
To make an informed choice, consider some of the below factors:

Make use of daylight harvesting:

The more natural light you can utilise the less money you will need to spend on lighting and many factories and warehouses indeed have windows or a natural light source.
By Utilising sensors, many light fittings can now automatically dim down when natural light is in abundance through windows or skylights, thus using less power and less electricity. When the natural light source diminishes, such as on a cloudy autumn or winters day, the sensors re-adjust and subsequently informs the light fitting to increase output again until the desired LUX level is achieved.

Decide on which high or low bays:

With light diminishing over even a short distance, the height of the roof is another important factor to consider when selecting LED factory lighting, and hence why we offer complimentary lighting designs to ensure correct Lux levels are achieved. To ensure a uniformed spread of light but with power consumption in mind, we can recommend the ideal high or low bay solution for your location.

Emergency Lighting:

Surprisingly in Birmingham, many buildings such as factories, warehouses, offices, garages, care homes and even schools, colleges, and hospitals, do not have adequate Emergency Lighting that conforms to current BS5266 pt1 regulations. If you are considering upgrading to LED, it is the ideal time to consider installing emergency lighting such as our NNE/2/LED/M3/LITH/V3 or self-test emergency lighting

More LED advantages:

• A good Quality LED generates good colour rendering index, or CRI, meaning the subject matter to be illuminated is more closely visualised in their original intended state.
• LEDs can provide a more directional beam of light which is very useful in Asymmetrical Floodlights and streetlights
• Installing LED lighting enables organisations to reduce their carbon footprint
• Instant illumination from the second you turn on your light switch
• Light Emitting Diodes, also known as LEDs, generate an almost endless range of colours so whether Yellow, Blue, Pink, Purple, Green or Red, almost any colour of light is an option for you.
• LED’s work well in cold weather, unlike old son bulbs and incandescent lamps, not to mention fluorescent tubes, of which many millions are still used. LED will work better than these when it is cold but do refer to the manufacturer’s handbook if using an LED in very low temperatures.





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Electrical suppliers from various brands, Ovia, Aico, Crompton
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