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FUSEBOX: Leading the way in Fuse Boxes

                                                      In the dynamic landscape of electrical infrastructure, FUSEBOX has emerged as a pioneering force, reshaping the way fuse boxes are conceptualised, designed, and utilised in the United Kingdom. With an unwavering commitment to innovation, safety, and efficiency, FUSEBOX has carved a distinctive niche, setting new standards and leading the industry towards a future marked […]

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LED Factory Lighting in Birmingham

                                                      What is LED Factory Lighting? LED Factory Lighting is efficient, often high-powered lighting, manufactured for factories within the industrial sector. Very often, factories are dimly lit, and new LED lighting will enhance the working space for staff, quite often generating higher production levels for owners given that a more pleasing and efficient working space […]

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Industrial LED Lighting

                                                      What is Industrial LED Lighting? Industrial LED Lighting is classified as lighting installed in buildings such as a Chemical Works, Car Body Repair Shop, Foundry, Docks, Factory or Warehouse. This list is by no means exhaustive and could also include sites such as Power Stations. Industrial LED light fittings are often assembled to achieve […]

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Commercial LED Lighting

                                                    What is Commercial LED Lighting? Commercial LED Lighting is classified as light fittings which are installed in buildings such as a Hospital, Office, Restaurant, Shopping Centre, Surgery, Sports Facility as well as Learning Facilities such as Schools and Universities. The list is by no means exhaustive and in-fact most buildings, except Residential, Chemical plants […]

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Homeowners guide to fuse-boards

This document is written for a homeowner or domestic landlord and provides a basicunderstanding of your electrical consumer unit. It is helpful to read before engaging with anelectrician if you have safety concerns or are due to upgrade your unit. A brief history of ‘fuse-boards’Generally known as a fuse-board back in the day given their […]

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Emergency Lighting

How to test Emergency Lighting BS5266-1 Emergency lighting should be tested regularly to conform to BS5266-1, with a brief functional test required at least once each month and a full 3hour duration test at least once every year. A visual inspection is also required at least every twelve months. BS5266-1 requires that records of these […]

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USB-C and USB-A / CWS Great Barr, Birmingham.

USB-A & USB-C, a brief history. In 2014 USB-C connection ports hit the world stage and have become more popular as each day passes. Up until 2014, people around the globe were using USB-A ports and in-fact the majority are still using USB-A. Eventually however, USB-C ports will slowly but surely take over and become […]

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IBA Buying Group

CWS are proud members of the IBA Buying Group. Its membership includes approximately 100 electrical wholesalers across the UK and provides more streamlined access to world leading manufacturers of LED Lighting, Electrical, CCTV and Cable products. Membership thus enables local electrical wholesalers to compete on the National Stage in regards pricing and quality. The IBA […]

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Garden and Patio Lighting Birmingham

CWS Great Barr have a large range of LED garden and patio lighting at competitive prices and most products have a five year manufacturers warranty. From a brushed chrome up-down light to a high powered floodlight, CWS Electrical Wholesalers in Birmingham have a good range to choose from. Whats more, all of our external and […]

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CWS, latest news for Sutton Coldfield.

CWS Electrical Wholesalers Birmingham are delighted to introduce our online eCommerce site with all products now available to purchase online.  Our Lot20 electric heaters are great to purchase in the Summer for the best discounts and the cheapest prices.Sockets and switches for your house renovation or new extension in chrome, brushed chrome, stainless steel, black […]

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