What is Commercial LED Lighting?

Commercial LED Lighting is classified as light fittings which are installed in buildings such as a Hospital, Office, Restaurant, Shopping Centre, Surgery, Sports Facility as well as Learning Facilities such as Schools and Universities. The list is by no means exhaustive and in-fact most buildings, except Residential, Chemical plants and Factories are classed as commercial.

Why LED?

From about 2010, the UK started switching to cost saving LED lighting and thousands of times every day, internet search engines are asked questions such as ‘how much does a 5watt bulb cost to run’.    

It takes thousands of electricians across the UK to enable this switch to cost saving LED and as much as you may not notice it, slowly but surely older style light fittings are disappearing. The UK Government is also phasing out the sale of flourescent lamps and tubes and by September 2023 they will likely disappear from the shelves of resellers.   

10 Advantages of LED in Commercial lighting    

Whether you are a facilities manager, restaurant owner or have responsibility for a large or small commercial estate, there are scores of advantages in making the switch to LED. Here are just ten of those reasons:

  • Cost savings of approximately 60 to 85% in electricity
  • LED emit far less heat so are safer, last longer, therefore reducing maintenance costs
  • Far more versatile and allow for smaller overall size of fittings
  • LED’s produce excellent colour rendering index (CRI) meaning the subject matter you are illuminating is more closely visualised in its most natural state
  • LED allows for a more directional beam of light, particularly useful in street lighting, powerful floodlights as well as display lighting in shops or on trade counter displays  
  • Installing LED lighting enables an organisation to proactively reduce its carbon footprint
  • They provide instant illumination from the moment you flick on the light switch
  • Light Emitting Diodes (LED’s) provide an infinite range of different colours so whether Red, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Pink or Green, any light colour is available to you in LED. Great news for your nightclub or restaurant and often referred to as RGB-W.
  • If you are old enough to remember dropping an old light bulb, you’ll probably appreciate that LEDs are much harder to break.   
  • LED’s work better in the cold. Unlike old incandescent and son lamps as well as fluorescent tubes, of which millions remain installed, LEDs will work far better than these when it’s cold. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions however if using LED in sub-zero temperatures. Thankfully, for every old light bulb, not to mention 2ft, 5ft and 6ft Fluorescents, they have been replaced by several options in LED.

LED Lighting Technology continues to improve

As time passes, manufacturers of LED lighting and its associated products such as LED drivers become more innovative. Over the past 6 to 7 years, we have noted improved efficiency in the conversion of wattage to useful lumens. What this means is that for every (electrical) watt of power needed to power an LED fitting, more lumens of light are being produced from that single watt of power. This will likely continue to improve, therefore producing even more efficient LED light fittings and therefore reducing our carbon footprint further because less electricity is needed.

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